What instruments are in a traditional Brass Band?

  1. Cornets
  2. Flugel Horn
  3. Tenor Horns
  4. Baritones
  5. Euphoniums
  6. Trombones
  7. Tubas
  8. Percussion

Where are all the band members from?

Our members are from all over the UK. We currently have members from the Isle of Man, Surrey, Newcastle and everywhere in between.

How many members of the band are there?

We currently have about 40 active members and regularly get around 25 at once at a band weekend.

How does the band rehearse?

NMYBB meets 5 times a year for band weekends and once a year for a tour so these are the only times we rehearse. We tend to introduce new music on tour when we have longer rehearsal sessions but we all play for our own ensembles at home so soon slip back into it once we come back together.

Where do you go on tour?

We tend to alternate between a UK tour and an abroad tour each year. Naples, Italy is one of our favourite locations where we have links with and support a local day care centre. Recently we have toured to Scotland, Lancashire, Isle of Man and Maldova. We are excited to be planning future tours abroad and at home!

How can we invite the band to our church and how much does it cost for us to host you?

To invite the band please contact admin@nmybb.org.uk or fill in this form. We will get back in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss a possible date. Hosting the band costs absolutely nothing for the church and you gain a concert and a service.

How can I join the band?

To join the band you must first and foremost be a christian or willing to explore more about what Jesus can do for you. You must also be between the ages of 13 and 21 and play either a brass or percussion instrument. The band is looking for around Grade 5 standard of playing due to the limited rehearsal time that the band has. If this is you then please email (or get a grown up to) admin@nmybb.org.uk and let us know who you are, what you play and how we can get in touch with you.

How do I keep up with what the band is doing?

We are active on most social media platforms! Either Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! Of course you can keep checking back here on our website too!