About the Band and our Motto

The National Methodist Youth Brass Band (NMYBB) is a group of young brass-playing Christians from all over the country who come together a few times a year to make music and share the love of Jesus Christ. We visit churches up and down the country around 4 or 5 times a year for a weekend and also have an annual tour lasting between 10 days and 2 weeks. We play a wide range of music, from Christian Hymns and Song Settings through to arrangements of classical music and adaptations of film music. We welcome any young Christian brass players between the age of 13 and 21, but don't have a leaving age so you can play with us for as long as you want!

As a Christian band we take part in the church services of the host churches as well as putting on concerts. We have a dedicated chaplaincy team, and our motto is FFF. In musical terms this means very very loud, but for us it also means Fun, Faith and Fellowship; three things which really sum up what the band is all about.

We have lots of fun as a band, making music together and through non-musical activities too! Fellowship is important because we enjoy spending time with each other – when we meet up (4-5 times a year plus a tour) there is always a lot of catching up to be done! We are also like a family, and support one another too.

Lastly but certainly no means least, is Faith. We are not a group of musicians that happen to be Christians but we are a group of Christians who happen to be musicians. At the very core of what we do is our faith in Jesus Christ, and we believe that as a band, God uses us to encourage the churches and circuits that we visit.