Band Chaplaincy

You may have read about NMYBB’s motto: Fun, Faith and Fellowship. The chaplaincy team supports and encourages the faith element of the band. The team is currently made up of an eclectic bunch of four people.

Who we are

Nathan has been a member of NMYBB since 2000 and plays the Tenor Horn. He is now a Methodist Minister currently stationed to the Stafford Circuit. Nathan is married to Hannah (who he met in the band) and they have two children. Nathan believes that the band was one of the main vehicles that God used to encourage him to be doing what he is doing today!

Dave joined NMYBB’s chaplaincy team in 2006. Dave is also a Methodist Minister currently stationed to the Burnley and Pendle Circuit and brings a lot of experience with him. Dave is married to Hazel, a Local Preacher, who was officially added to the chaplaincy team a couple of years ago. Though Hazel and Dave love music they are not brass players but get as much out of NMYBB as they put in.

Completing the team, we have the youthful energy of Georgina. She would describe herself as “the novelty chaplain” but she has a heart for people, and adds so much to the team and to the band. Georgina plays the Flugel Horn and Cornet and has been in NMYBB since 2010. A recent graduate in History and Music, she is pursuing a career in teaching at a relatively slow pace. She is currently a Teaching Assistant in her old primary school and spends her free time reading, going to the theatre and irritating her parents by not having moved out yet.

What we do

The Chaplaincy Team provide onsite spiritual support on weekends, helping band sections in the planning of epilogues and co-ordinate the involvement of the band in Sunday morning worship. There really is nothing as special as leading worship with NMYBB!

When the band get together for weekends or tours the chaplains choose a theme to base our epilogues on. Epilogues are short acts of worship which explore the theme by looking at a Bible reading and seeing how it applies to us and the theme.