Charity work is very important for NMYBB; we try and support as many charities as we can, regularly making donations. We have supported a number of charities in the past and often look within the band to charities that are close to our member’s hearts. We are currently supporting the following charities:

Donations and Gift Aid

NMYBB donated over £800 in 2016 and over £1,500 in 2017 so far. If you are a tax payer and make a donation, please fill in a Gift Aid form so that the band can claim 25% of the value of your gift to further support our charities even more.


Action for Children

(formerly National Children’s Home) NMYBB has been a long-time supporter of Action for Children. All of the sales from our "Praise Him, Praise Him, All His Children Praise Him" CD go directly to support the charity.


Imparare Giocando

Based in Naples, Italy, Imparare Giocando is run by Rosaria Vincenzi. NMYBB first visited Italy in 2001 where Rosaria was working in an orphanage in the Naples town of Portici. Now she runs a day care centre providing a safe space for the local children and young people of one of Europe’s most deprived areas, keeping them off the streets and away from involvement in organised crime. The band visited again Italy again in 2012 and 2016 and plans to return in 2020 to continue supporting Rosaria’s work.



CLIC Sargent

A cancer charity for children, young people and their families. This charity is close to the heart of the band, as they have helped support one of our current members.

Under the Mango Tree

Another charity suggested by one of our members and our newest charity that we support. Named after the mango tree Reverend Makonde began teaching children beneath, Under the Mango Tree educates the children of Chinyume (Kenya) and surrounding villages providing them with a valuable education with the hope to create a self-sustaining school.

La Via

The band also supports La Via which is a Christian Community Centre in Moldova. In summer 2019, NMYBB visited Moldova on their summer tour and did some work with La Via which involved painting the centre, clearing football pitches, and getting crafty making cards to raise money.
La Via seeks to support vulnerable children in the local community by keeping them off the streets, feeding and educating them and letting them know that they are loved by God. They provide extracurricular activities and encourage their development through helping them with homework and developing new skills.
As a band, we see supporting La Via as an absolute privilege after being able to visit and see first hand some of the work that they do to love and care for the vulnerable children.