How the Band Works

NMYBB is a charitable organisation that meets up 4 or 5 times a year for "Band Weekends". We arrive on the Friday night, at times ranging from 7pm to midnight, and have a rehearsal for a couple of hours. Afterwards we will share in an epilogue following a weekend theme, before spending some time catching up with friends after a few months of being apart. We then sleep overnight on the Church premises.

Rising early, we will spend the morning in rehearsal before exploring the local area during the afternoon. In the evening we put on a concert in the host church, before having a second epilogue and staying up into the early hours of the morning!

Sunday is seen as the most important part of the weekend; a time when the band will take part in morning worship. Participation can be as small as playing the hymns or as large as taking the whole service ourselves. After one final meal together, everyone returns to their respective homes until the next weekend arrives.

Every year we also go on a tour, lasting between 10 days and 2 weeks. We generally have more rehearsal time and play a lot more concerts, a mixture of formal evening concerts and more informal concerts. In the past we have played bandstand concerts, as well as playing during lunchtime at Chatsworth House and marching round Naples! This time is great, as it also gives us more of a chance to explore our Faith, one of the central tenets of NMYBB.

NMYBB aims to be entirely cost neutral to the host church, covering all costs including food, heating, water etc. so no church should feel that they cannot afford to host us. All members pay to attend and after church expenses and travel expenses have been paid, any money the band makes as profit goes towards our running costs (buying music, insurance etc.) and supporting the band’s charities.

If you would like to know more about NMYBB, or enquire about hosting us, please contact