Past Tours

Every year NMYBB holds a 10-day tour either in the UK or abroad. Whilst on tour, the band has the opportunity to visit many places, performing and sharing in worship in the places we stay.

In 1988, NMYBB embarked on its first summer tour; a week-long trip along the south coast from Plymouth to Bournemouth raising funds for NCH (National Children’s Home - the Methodist children’s charity) from the eight concerts given. These early years also saw them participating in the annual MAYC (Methodist Association of Youth Clubs) “London Weekend” giving two outstanding performances in the Albert Hall and taking a major role in the ‘Rendezvous’ events playing to 11,000 young people in Trafalgar Square.

The second tour in 1989 was a fortnight’s overseas tour to Canada and America - the first of many memorable overseas tours which occurred initially every two years, alternating with UK tours in the intervening years. Unforgettable was their next adventurous overseas tour into the recently freed Eastern Europe in 1991. Numerous concerts were given in Poland and the then Czechoslovakia and a special relationship developed with the Polish Methodist Church. This most successful and exciting tour encouraged them two years later to tour in the Baltic states performing in Estonia and Latvia as well as in Sweden, Poland and Germany. Other memorable overseas tours have taken them to Switzerland, Norway and Jamaica; again supporting the work of NCH in their orphanage in Kingston. Through tours to Italy in 2001, 2012 and 2016 a special relationship with the charity “Imparare Giocando” has also been formed.

Islands have also played an important part in NMYBB’s history, for not only have they performed in Jamaica but also on the Scilly Isles, the Shetland Isles, the Isle of Wight, Caldy Island, St Michaels Mount, Holy Island, North and Southern Ireland, the Channel Islands of Jersey, Guernsey and Sark, and even on the isle of Capri. The Isle of Man was the destination of our 2015 Tour, where we played in a variety of places, including a Monastery, a Viking museum, by a water wheel and also at a Victorian Day!

Most recently NMYBB visited North Eastern Scotland, staying in Aberdeen, Buckie and Peterhead. Whilst in the area, we also visited and played in the beautiful Fyvie Castle, the picturesque Inverness and at the very wet and windy Fraserburgh Lighthouse!

Tours provide us with a unique opportunity to take part in activities that we cannot do during the course of a normal weekend, including engaging in charity work, team building opportunities and unique activities such as the Chapel Crawl in 2011; where the band visited over 90 Cornish chapels in one day!